About MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger was first released in July 1999 to provide basic instant messaging service. Many new exciting features have been added throughout the years to make it one of the most popular Instant Messaging service in the world with hundres of millions of active users. One highly popular new features is adding fun animated emoticons to help you express all your feelings, which you can download instantly for FREE. Though most people still refer it as MSN Messenger, Mircosoft actual have renamed it as Windows Live Messenger since December 2005.


Download MSN Messenger + Smilies

Main Features of MSN Instant Messenger/Windows Live Messenger include the following:

  • Allow Internet users to communicate instantly via short messages with friends, family, and business colleagues in the MSN network
  • Create Buddy List, Family List, Favorite Buddy List, Colleague List, as well as Non-Instant Messaging Contacts from your MSN email accounts.
  • Chat with groups in private chat rooms.
  • Share Folders via MSN to easily deliver a file to another friend.
  • Express with with basic MSN emoticons (cartoon face characters, symbols and pictures).
  • Download MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger now

MSN Messenger – Bonus Feature

While the main features of MSN Messenger is already quite convenient for most users, many of the more creative users like to express their feeling with additional animated emoticons.

  • Add 10,000+ Smileys and Emoticons to your MSN Messenger
  • 100% Free Download – Guaranteed
  • Express how you really feel via animated emoticons and talking smileys!
  • Access over 10,000 emoticons, animated MSN smileys directly from MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger.
  • Work perfectly with MSN Messenger 2009 and all Windows Live Messenger versions.

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